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SinusJet Treated Cases Reports

This space is strictly reserved to professionals and is not allowed to patients.

If you are a patient, please, leave this page. Regarding the Belgian law it is strictly forbidden to patients to go forward on this page. 

We show some illustrative cases of patients treated whith  SinusJet Kit.

The SinusJet procedure has more than 15 years of successful surgical experience.

Case 1 
6 years K2jpg.gif
6years K1.png

Control six years after SinusJet sinus lift  procedure, the patient consult because her bridge fell off. The panoramic & 3D work-up show a very good graft ossification (OssLift) + implant & graft stability. Her bridge was reset in place without any problems. 

On the left picture the graft ossification is easily identifiable.

On the right picture, we see the implant into the graft. The remaining crestal bone was at 4mm. Total bone high is over 12mm now.

Case 2

Immediate sinus lift1.jpg
immediate sinus lift 2.jpg
FILE_0001 (3).jpg

Left side : Preoperative situation showing an apical cyst on tooth 17.

Right side : Immediate postoperative work-up. Showing a single stage surgery including twice teeth extraction, carrying out a direct SinusJet's sinus lift and direct implant placement. The SinusJet's pits were done on teeth places 15 & 16.

Down side on the middle : Work-up at 1.5  year after surgery. The crowns are set in place. The graft is well ossified. 

Dr Dricot is the SinusJet's inventor.

It is the result of 20 years intensive work and study to achieve this important step forward in Sinus Lift surgery.

Dr Dricot invented the SinusJet surgical instrument & the strictly adapted graft to this procedure : the OssLift. This is a very successfully innovation used today by many other surgeons & implantologist in Europe. Please find hereby our common publication from the 2018 Europerio's meeting. Many other publications are upcoming. 

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